Collie - Adult - Female
Adoptable Medium Special Needs

Every face has a story…right? Well….here it goes…..I was adopted in March of 2016 to what I thought would be my forever home….not so quick. I was surrendered just a few days ago for unknown reasons….and if that wasn’t hard enough….now I have heartworms. My name…is Ellie. I am a 3 yr old Collie mix and I weigh 55 lbs. I love kids and although I’m a bigger gal I love laps! Toys, toys, toys….I do love them so…you can tell by my bow play. I enjoying showing my belly since that’s my best feature and you should see me eat….I’m such a lady….and if all that isn’t enough…I LOVE OTHER DOGS! The bouncy, playful bows just explode! So I told you about the heartworms up front so I could wow you with all my great qualities but I know…heartworms are scary…imagine how I feel! I’m not worried though and you shouldn’t be either…I’ve already called the Friends and they will help have me treated once I find my new home! I’m available now!!!  
Adopting a dog from the Conway Animal Welfare Unit is a fairly easy process. The first step to adopting an animal is submitting an application. The application allows us to individually consider applicants and helps us to properly match our pets with new owners. We want to make sure that our pets are going to homes that are ready to provide for these pets long-term. Adoptions are $50 and this includes vaccinations, heartworm test, spay/neuter and microchip. As with any shelter animal, health is not guaranteed but we do our best to screen out those animals that are showing obvious signs of illness or disclose that information prior to adoption. All dogs are heartworm tested upon adoption.

If you are interested in adopting a dog and you reside OUTSIDE the city limits of Conway and the dog is less than 12 wks old, the cost is $75 which includes a spay/neuter and micropchip. The spay and neuter can only be performed at Vilonia Vet Clinic or Companion Animal Spay/Neuter Clinic. If the animal is less that 12 wks and you live inside the city limits the adoption fee is $25 dollars and you receive a voucher for $120 to use at select clinics for spay/neuter. The other option is that you provide us with proof of a pre-paid spay or neuter at YOUR vet of choice.